A comprehensive brand system for one of Victoria’s leading developers.

Aryze, a Victoria-based developer, enlisted Etho to update its brand presence. The objective was to cultivate a visual language that embodies modernity, integrity, and a community-centric ethos. Taking cues from forward-thinking journals and disruptive tech companies, Etho devised a comprehensive system for use by the in-house design team. The resulting identity exudes optimism, confidence, and a thoughtful sensibility.




  • Website Design: Gearbox
  • Photography: James Jones, Eli Ramraj


  • Print Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Illustration
  • Website Art Direction
  • Environmental Graphic

Central to this effort was the creation of the Colour of Air graphic, an homage to coastal British Columbia inspired by its painterly skies. From the delicate hues of peachy dawns to the vibrant greens of the northern lights, these graphics infuse warmth and movement into an otherwise understated, monochromatic brand. Lively and optimistic, this hopeful feeling ties to Aryze’s mission of ‘uplifting our communities.’

Versatile and expansive, the Aryze visual language supports a multi-faceted brand. With the Colour of Air graphic as a foundation, a colour matrix was created with particle textures and gradients included. To depict the varied nature of Aryze’s business—from development to construction and community initiatives—a set of illustrations was introduced, with humorous details like an empty pizza box to convey an approachable feel. Wide-ranging typeface families were selected, including a Red Dot award-winning set.

To ensure brand continuity, Etho considered how Aryze’s prior visual language could be incorporated or adapted.

Two wide-ranging font families were selected, with multiple weights used.

A set of versatile line drawings were created to represent each aspect of Aryze’s business.

The colour matrix was applied to maps and infographics, with a subtle particle texture included.

Etho assembled dozens of photography examples for reference in future shoots.

As part of the branding process a series of assets were envisioned, including signage, a website, and development applications. Aryze’s community focus is evident in the development applications; each application was visualized on the website with graphics and photographs for high engagement, and visitors were encouraged to comment and contribute ideas. In the footer, a Colour of Air graphic grounds the page. Depending on the time of day and weather in the Pacific Northwest, a different scene is shown.

Etho designed a series of social media templates showcasing diverse post types, determining the font and imagery styling while creating a flexible system. The result is a synthesis of creativity and structure, reflecting Etho’s strategic approach in cultivating a dynamic and visually cohesive brand.

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In designing the company’s inaugural journel, Etho approached the publication as a framework, creating a modular system for future issues. The result is a harmonious blend of aesthetic sensitivity and functional flexibility, encapsulating Aryze’s process, projects, and ethos.

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