Branding one of Victoria’s first mass timber buildings.

A collaborative effort involving contributions from several partners, our joint endeavour resulted in the development of a distinctive brand, one that pays homage to the neighbourhood’s rich history while championing mass timber as forward-looking construction.


Mike Geric Construction


  • Creative Direction: Studio Roslyn
  • Collaborator: Studio Faculty
  • Photography: Lauren D Zbarsky
  • Videography: Briggs Ogloff


  • Presentation Centre Graphics
  • Signage
  • Advertising
  • Visual Identity

Film by Briggs Ogloff

Tresah’s branding draws inspiration from the past—incorporating elements ranging from trestles to technical manuals—and the future, with the logo comprising a mass timber-inspired icon. It’s this balance of elements that defines Tresah’s identity.

Interior designers Studio Roslyn conceived of three personas, each representing mass timber advocates and Tresah homeowners. Based on this, three models were employed for a series of video and photo shoots, giving life and style to the Tresah brand. Still-life compositions of building materials and interior design samples complemented this approach. Etho applied a duotone treatment for all images used throughout the brand.

In homage to the neighbourhood and Tresah’s mid-century-inspired interiors, a forest green and mid-century red palette was employed. Throughout the materials, a discreet grid served as a design element, drawing inspiration from the structural aesthetics of mass timber buildings. The carefully curated duotone photography not only captured the essence of the neighbourhood but also echoed the ambiance of the interior spaces.

Etho was responsible for all presentation gallery graphic design, encompassing the creation of exterior window graphics, entrance signage, and two dozen exhibition panels, each framed within custom millwork.

At the heart of the presentation gallery stood the mass timber exhibit. This served as an educational centrepiece, intended to inform the public about the innovative and environmentally-friendly attributes of this low-carbon building method. Framed by wood beams, it emulated the ambiance of an art gallery, providing visitors with a dedicated area to pause and reflect. The panels and technical diagrams were styled by Etho in alignment with Tresah’s visual language. 

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