A cool, quirky and contemporary brand for a rental community.

Better rental is here. Comma brings design-forward spaces with convenient amenities to neighbourhoods in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Working closely with the in-house team, Etho created a lively brand visual language—unlike anything in the market—to help convey Comma’s new vision for rental.




  • Illustration: Mai Li Bernard
  • Motion Graphic: Eric Nakayama


  • Print Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Environmental Graphic
  • Art Direction: Illustration
  • Art Direction: Website
  • Wayfinding

Comma’s brand is characterized by its illustrations. Etho identified and collaborated with a French illustrator with a background in architecture and tasked them with creating two imaginary scenes representing a Comma rental building, its community, and all it has to offer. Careful thought was put into its depiction, ensuring a representation of diverse demographics and an emphasis on a sustainable lifestyle. 

The illustrations show Comma’s wide range of amenities and include playful details, such as socks on the floor. Each figure within the master illustrations was isolated and utilized independently—whether integrated into photographs, renderings, or in conjunction with the Comma symbol. Multi-purpose and versatile, they can be used with a variety of contexts and colours.  

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The interactions between illustrations, renderings and logo are a recurring theme throughout the Comma brand. In the signage design, the Comma icon is used to create visual rhythm across the length of the display while also acting as a divider from one section to the next, and framing illustrated figures. Bold and visually striking, the Comma signage made an impression throughout the city. 

Etho designed the website to convey Comma’s vision for rental. Anchored by the Comma symbol in the top right, the illustrations introduce the brand ethos and describe what each rental building has to offer.

For a target demographic active on social media, a fun and engaging social media presence was necessary to help unveil the Comma brand. Etho designed a series of flexible templates and layouts for Comma’s internal marketing to launch the initial campaign. Made in a collaborative spirit, the campaign aimed to co-create the next generation of rental.

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