Brand storytelling for the tallest Passive House in the world.

At 60 storeys, CURV is the tallest residential tower in Vancouver and the tallest Passive House in the world—the leading standard for low-carbon, energy-efficient homes. Success meant communicating sustainability in a new way to a new audience. Etho established a brand that encompassed health and wellbeing in its sustainability narrative and highlighted its significance: CURV raises the standard for residents today and generations tomorrow and sets a new benchmark for high-rise construction worldwide.


Brivia Group


  • Architectural Renderings: Common Ground
  • Photography: Vishal Marapon
  • Copywriting: Richard Littlemore
  • Videography: Roguescots
  • Website Development: M’c Kenneth Licon


  • Identity
  • Photography/Rendering Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Print Design
  • Digital Design
  • Presentation Centre Graphics
  • Signage
  • Advertising

In reimagining the CURV brand, Etho created a series of sky-like gradients evoking the Passive House benefit of fresh, filtered air. The primary colour palette was reminiscent of a warm sunrise, reflecting the optimism that Passive House represents in the face of environmental challenges. The headline typeface, Proto Grotesk, was selected for its unique curves—not unlike those of the building itself.

To help convey sustainability to an unfamiliar audience, Etho designed, wrote, and art-directed all materials for a hardcover book titled The Shape of a New Era. Printed on sustainably-sourced paper, the book storytells CURV through the voices of its many visionaries—helping equate it to ‘Luxury with Purpose’—for residents today and generations tomorrow. This book was designated a Red Dot award, an international seal of excellence in design innovation, with headquarters based in Germany.

As an accompaniment for the hardcover book, Etho created an extended brochure to share CURV’s story. Its unique cover was created by printing the dawn-like gradient over an iridescent foil.

To highlight CURV’s prime location, Etho planned and art directed a photo shoot set in Downtown Vancouver. Modern and provocative, the images were created to convey a surreal and dream-like quality related to CURV’s vision for a more sustainable future—and a nod to Vancouver’s ambition to be the greenest in the world. 

In translating the CURV brand to web, Etho created a motion graphic of the gradients in movement. Subtle yet evocative, the background’s slight shifts bring to mind the changing skies as seen from CURV, Vancouver’s tallest residential tower.

The presentation gallery exterior was adorned with printed vinyl on glass, making full use of the wide expanse of windows facing the public plaza. The interiors, a collaboration between designers Andres Escobar and Lemay_id, showcased CURV’s distinctive architectural details. Keeping in mind a careful balance of complementing and preserving the integrity of the space, Etho devised a series of suspended panels affixed between the floor and ceiling. These panels, printed on a substrate visible through a substantial layer of acrylic, imparted an almost dream-like, glassy aesthetic while leaving the finishes intact.

Supporting materials such as floorplans, handouts, business cards, and other stationery.

Etho worked with Common Ground to help set the tone for the architectural renderings. With a surreal, dream-like quality that complements the photography and other assets, they tie into the project’s brand story ‘The Future of Living.’

Passive House is the leading global standard for energy-efficient homes, but its benefits remain unknown outside engineering circles. To demonstrate its significance, Etho created two brand stories: ‘Luxury with Purpose’ and ‘Technical Excellence.’ Luxury with Purpose raises the standard for residents today and for generations tomorrow with health benefits, lower operating costs, and 90% more energy efficiency than similar towers. Technical Excellence uses specs styled on a black background with artful diagrams borrowing the visual language of high-performance cars and computers to showcase CURV’s technical achievement.

Etho provided art direction for the CURV advertisements, centred around the brand stories. As the campaigns unfolded, the cityscape became a canvas for CURV, with a presence felt across the city.

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