An elevated brand for a developer with a grounded, human-centred approach.

Mondivan, a developer and property manager with spaces in Vancouver and the US, first asked Etho to design a new website based on their existing brand. The project evolved into a full-service endeavour—including a brand refresh, multi-day photoshoot, series of videos, and copywriting—to better demonstrate Mondivan’s values and their commitment to the communities they serve.




  • Videography: Andrew Ipe


  • Copywriting
  • Branding Refinement
  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Video Direction

It was important for the new website to showcase Mondivan’s impeccable design aesthetic, breadth of work, and diverse set of service offerings, which all set the company apart from the market. Etho designed the website from wireframes to finishing details, working closely with the client to determine function and intent. The site was populated with new imagery and copy to communicate confidence to potential investors, partners, buyers and tentants in Mondivan’s core values, aesthetics and eye for detail. A refined, clean and approachable visual language helped highlight a thread of quality and thoughtfulness across their portfolio and services.

As part of the redesign, Etho updated the typefaces and colour palette to better reflect Mondivan’s aesthetics while communicating its core values. The resulting visual language aimed to set them apart from the competition as being equal parts sophisticated and approachable.

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Etho worked with a longstanding collaborator to produce a series of short serene films. Extended videos were shown on the masthead of each page as an introduction to the content below, while a collection of single shots acted as teasers for corresponding landing page topics. Each film focused on a key aspect of Mondivan’s business: from their approach to their work to the people who make it happen, to the quality of their portfolio.

The About Us video illustrates Mondivan’s entire offering—from the service and the people who make up the business, to the details and the final product where tenants live and work.

The Listings video showcases the quality of the spaces that prospective buyers and tenants can expect from a Mondivan offering.

The Our People video highlights the people of Mondivan—those who make it all happen—in a variety of scenes whilst they work and interact.

Alongside the videography, Etho photographed key spaces in Mondivan’s portfolio, helping develop a complete image library. Team members were shot in a variety of spaces, along with a few family members, to ensure an authentic and genuine depiction. Careful consideration was taken for each scene to effectively tell Mondivan’s story while simultaneously highlighting architectural details.

Harwood’s intricate, stainless steel facade was the focus for exteriors of the project.

Harwood’s interiors were photographed in a variety of light conditions to show the attention taken to the resident’s experience.

Mondivan team members were photographed in a construction site at The Workshop as they inspected progress.

Mondivan’s team members were photographed throughout their office, along with its public spaces and architectural details.

Among Mondivan’s leased properties, a commissary kitchen and Container Brewing in East Vancouver were photographed.

To create a consistent aesthetic across Mondivan’s varied portfolio, line drawings were used to represent each project. Drawings utilized architectural precision to express Mondivan’s commitment to design and detail, while being easy to replicate in future.

1245 Harwood, Vancouver

The Clarke, NYC

The Workshop, Vancouver

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